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You’re just weeks away from the best performances of your life.  A combination of different styles, techniques in private study, these intensive programs are designed for the students who desire a short rapid growth, but intense period of quality instruction.

The programs are unique for a music institution, and offer an overview of styles and concepts relevant to today’s music, and require intermediate level skills and rudimentary reading ability.

Availability is limited seeing the instructor can only work with 1 individual per program.  Students receive 6 hours of instruction Monday through Friday.

The Curriculum is as follows:

- Drummers analysis

- Styles analysis

- HARD-CORE Rudiments Training

- Latin Training

- Rock Training

- Odd Time Signatures

- Syncopation Training

- Jazz Training

- Gig Training

- Advanced Concepts Training

- Reading and Chart Training


Five-Day Intensive - $1000
Two-Week Intensive - $2000
Three-Week Intensive - $3000
Four-Week Intensive - $4000

For any questions or concerns, call Zac Treby at 201-887-1407

Five Day Intensive

Two Week Intensive

Three Week Intensive

Four Week Intensive