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Zac Treby (born 16 April 1983) is an American Drum Educator, musician, singer, songwriter and record producer, most associated with the progressive rock genre. Currently a solo artist, he became known as the founder, lead guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter of the group Reconstruction as well as being a member of several other bands such as THE SHOTS band.

Treby is a trained composer, producer, audio engineer, and keyboardist, and plays other instruments as needed, including Bass Guitar, and Guitar. Despite being mainly associated with progressive rock, his influences and work have encompassed a diverse range of genres including psychedeliapopextreme metalelectronic and jazz, among others, shifting his musical direction through his albums.

In a career spanning more than 15 years, Treby has made music prolifically.

Treby will release his Second solo album, R2, in 2021.


As an Educator, Zac currently teaches Drums at his home studio in North Brunswick NJ. He also teaches online Drum Lessons via Skyoe and Zoom to students overseas. Zac has released Self-produced Educational DVD’s and E-books for the Drumming Community. His Works can be found on his website


Live Streams

Live Streaming on YouTube, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-11:00am Eastern Time.

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Set for release 2020

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Drum Lessons in North Brunswick NJ

Studio Headquarters located 


North Brunswick NJ

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In-Studio Drum Lessons

 Online Drum Lessons

Call Zac Treby at 201-887-1407 or
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Here at Zac Treby's Drum Studio, we are committed to teaching students of all ages to become successful high-performance drummers everyone wants to play with.

Located in North Brunswick NJ, Students can obtain the skills through drum lessons to perform with anyone, in any style.  That’s the whole reason for Zac Treby's Drum Studio: To add value and Educate Drummers 1 day at a time, and to prepare students to perform as professional musicians.  In addition we also have great classes which include The Moeller System Master Class and The HARD-CORE Rudiments Class.  We provide value to make sure all of our students become the best Hybrid drummers to come out of Zac Treby's Drum Studio.  We also produce Products, Documentaries, Videos and instruction material.



What People Are Saying On Google...

I started drum lessons as an adult about two years ago with Zac. Zac is an awesome drummer and teacher. I am very happy with the progress I have made learning a variety of drum techniques and drum styles. From rock to latin, traditional to matched grip, Zac can play and teach it all.

Went to Zac so i can improve confidence and technique. Zac cares about the student and it shows in how he handled my lessons - many times specific to what I needed as well as challenged me on many levels. His patience with me helped me improve over a year and I would recommend without any hesitation anyone interested (from all levels) to give Zac Drum Studio a shot...... you wont regret it! I feel better as a drummer and many times while playing songs think ... "oh yeah, thats what Zac said ....." - thanks Zac .... wish for continued success!

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Skype Drum Lessons

Private Drum Lessons
(Skype Lessons are $10 less)

1 Hour Lesson - $80
1.5 Hour Lesson - $95
2 Hour Lesson - $140

1 Hour Lesson

1.5 Hour Lesson

2 Hour Lesson


Drum Lesson
Monthly Package:


Package Includes:

1 Weekly Private Lesson

Custom Play-Along Tracks

Recorded Lessons

Instructional DVDs


Custom Lesson Videos


1.5 Hours


Package Includes:

1 Weekly Private Lesson

1 Weekly Skype Lesson

Custom Play-Along Tracks

Recorded Lessons

Instructional DVDs


Custom Lesson Videos


Song Recording

Drum Lesson 
2 Hours


Package Includes:

2 Weekly Private Lessons

1 Weekly Skype Lesson

Custom Play-Along Tracks

Recorded Lessons

Instructional DVDs


Custom Lesson Videos


Song Recording



To Launch in 2020


Zac Treby's Online Drum School is a performing arts private Drummers Academy.  It offers all levels of Courses and Programs in a wide range of Contemporary and Historical including Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Drum N Bass, Salsa, Heavy Metal and more.

OBJECTIVES: Zac Treby's Online Drum School strives to: 

• Offer curricula focused on developing essential knowledge and practical skills. 

• Provide a wide variety of diverse resources with active professional expertise and experience. 

• Training students designed and equipped according to professional music and entertainment industry standards. 

• Emphasize current applications in the context of historical and current trends and influences. 

• Emphasize the exploration of global and experimental musical influences. 

• Provide students with regular examples of successful artists and professionals. 

• Provide resources, and support for professional and creative collaboration, the development of their craft and networking opportunities. 

• Provide resources, and support to prepare students for careers in the music and entertainment industry. 

• Create an institutional-wide culture that celebrates diversity, is positive, and inspirational to the community at large.


The all-new Zac Treby Online Drum School will go live in 2020.  Content material will be filmed in Zac's home studio to provide on-going resources for drummers to access from any device.  Hours upon hours of lesson filming featuring Play-Along tracks and personal attention right from your living room.  Everyone who joins receives a free DVD from Zac personally.

For more information, visit the Online School page.


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